Elementor #2332

Yoga class description

Yin & Zen Yoga – A slow-stretch practice to target deeper connective tissue, address fascia adhesions, increase range-of-motion, and dissolve old layers of injury and tension. Bring awareness to the Meridian Pathways and healing Points, plus deepen your sense of the vital organs and energy. Expect modifications of classic Yin Yoga postures, long-held durations and a flush of numerous body systems. Some yoga props recommended HERE.

Yoga Meridian Flow – Yoga & Meridian Flow combines Classic Yoga poses with the inner alchemy of traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic science. Each class begins with Centering, Breath, Sun Salutes and Meridian Activation. Expect a revolving emphasis on Side-Bending, Back-bending, Forward Folds, Hip Opening, Inversions and Arm Balances. Familiar elements of a modern Vinyasa Flow practice are integrated with Breath and Meridians in this All Levels practice. Expect a spiritual focus, chanting, postures and final rest in this popular format.

Foam Roller & Ball Therapy – A floor-based application of compressing the body tissues onto dense Foam Props to achieve muscle release, reduce body aches and soreness, and eliminate areas of knotty, soft tissue. Gain many of the same benefits of Massage Therapy… such as a deep tissue flush, Trigger Point release, increased circulation and profound relaxation. Props are required. Recommended prop list HERE.

Breathe & Focus – Quiet the mind, still the nervous system and expand your inner world through the vast techniques that lead to meditation. Expect gentle stretches to settle the spine and hips comfortably, then guided breath practices and deepening levels of concentration that lead to states of deeper meditation. All Levels welcome.

Form & Flow Yoga – For experienced yoga students looking for a synthesis of structural alignment and flow movement. Expect a fusion of Sun Salutes, vinyasa flow and static postures to create heat. Add in ample time to refine your anatomical form around a yogic theme. Begin with OM centering, breath practice and then progressively deepen your postures in this All Levels format.