Have you exhausted the potential of physical therapy, massage,
or chiropractic to improve your mobility issues?

Are you open to new ideas about connective tissue and healing?

Fascia Therapy
is a deep reset...

Fascia Therapy changes your body Feel, Function and Flexibility. We apply therapeutic body positions with timed durations under small workloads.

Time and patience are essential. A low workload of gentle pressure allows a visco-elastic medium like fascia to elongate, and release tension.

Don’t wait any longer… address the underlying soft tissue matrix that props up your posture and pain patterns.

Because effective pain therapy can ultimately change our despair into growth.
Remember… pain resolution is a process of transformation. And transformation creates space for new solutions and outcomes.

I investigate the roots of your aches and pains with a whole body approach…

Do you want to empower yourself with a sense of wholeness?

Are you motivated to practice simple techniques toward measurable outcomes?

What is Fascia?

The human body is intricately woven together by an internal web of connective tissue from head to foot. This continuous network of soft tissue is called Fascia.

The fascial web consists of collagen, elastin and a polysaccharide gel. It therefore gives the body a soft, pliable framework along with a tough, resilience and the ability to carry energy.

Fascia uniformly surrounds, permeates and attaches to all internal body structures. Tightness and restriction within the web of Fascia is caused by inflammation, surgery, or trauma. The result is adhesions, tension and pain throughout the web-like network.

Fascia Therapy allows for a recalibration of the soft tissue matrix. What follows is a natural, unforced alignment that is congruent with your Body Blueprint.

Areas of Expertise

• Myo-Fascial Release

• Foam Roller Work

• Trigger Point Release

• Ball Therapy

• Cranio-Sacral Therapy

• Therapeutic Positions

• Mindful Movement

• Self-Massage and Care

• Wellness Tips

Treat your aches and pains naturally!

Apply my massage therapy principles for Fascia Release.

Get the Fabric of Fascia Release E-Manual.

Perfect for Students, Athletes, Yoga Teachers,
Massage Clients and Seekers of natural pain relief.

Step-by-step Instructions

Restore motion to tight, unresponsive areas.

Apply 20 Therapeutic Positions for Upper and Lower Body.

Gain lasting Benefits and increased mobility.

Regain energy from deep-set tension.

5 Bonus Sequences

  • Classic Low Back Pain
  • Neck & Shoulder Stuff
  • Hamstring Love
  • Arm & Hand Attention
  • Go-To Relaxation Positions

Up-level your stretch routine with targeted Fascia Release principles.

Up-level your stretch routine with targeted Fascia Release principles.