The time to upgrade your beliefs about how your body works and heals is now.

Do you want to erase old injuries and move with ease?

Are you ready for new thrive habits and to emerge from aches to vibrancy?

Yoga Health practices...
are a deep sleuth.

They are an excavation down into your Body and Soul. Yoga Health is a thorough inquiry into all of you.

Here’s the investigative truth…
All of your pains are clues on a pathway that leads to a treasure chest of root causes, just waiting to be examined and resolved.

And modern healthcare practices focus on symptoms, not those pesky root causes. Yoga practices focus on interconnectedness.

Together we craft your healing pathway…
  • Time-tested alignment principles for strong posture.
  • Daily habits of yoga to increase sleep and hydration.
  • Secrets of the yoga lifestyle for vitality and longevity.

How often do you think… Why won’t this nagging ache go away?

How can my healing needs be met in today’s world?

Or… Where is my repeating problem or injury coming from?

How I work...

The goal of body freedom leads to the study of posture structure and energy.

Applying General Alignment Principles to your body maps out your optimal posture onto your current form.

It’s a tangible way to discover inner and outer balance, and use both muscular effort and ease.

I work with 7 General Alignment Principles:

  • Foundation and Structure of Form.
  • Pulsation of Effort and Ease.
  • Rotational Spirals of Arms and Legs.
  • Balanced Action.
  • Vertical Alignment Loops.
  • Focal Points of Weight-bearing.
  • Rebounding Actions.

We re-apply these Principles into how you Sit, Stand and Move.

This reveals your Body Blueprint and creates your Pathway Plan.

What if there was a magic button or pill to activate a healing point on your body?

Instead of a magic pill, there’s a magic process!

And that process is… Thrive Mode.

Get into Thrive Mode
10 Habits | 10 Weeks
Annual Journey

Schedule your next health breakthrough with a combo of ancient Yoga wisdom and modern health research. Improve digestion, sleep quality, immune response and more with proven thrive habits and a conscious community.

  • Recalibrate your lifestyle
  • Sync with the Circadian rhythm
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Improve your sleep
  • Enjoy natural energy
  • Increase hydration
  • No gimmicks or supplements