3 Ways to Immerse Yourself in Yoga

I receive messages and inquiry from yoga students on a weekly basis. Most of them have questions about getting started in a practice when they are not sure where to turn. What is the best stretch for low backs? Tight hips? Stiff neck? Old shoulder injury? How can I learn how to meditate? The list of questions goes on and on the longer we chat!

First of all… stay concentrated on your studentship, always. Whether teaching or taking a break for injury or illness, always keep the interest to learn more. Our questions lead on on a road of inquiry that is totally unique to our life and path.

Read the ancient texts, read the modern transalations and commentary and contemplate them in your own life. Start at the beginning with the 8 Limbs of Yoga and the Yoga Sutras. See what happens when you apply principled thinking, acting and speaking to all that you experience.

Then, make time for regular practice of movement, sitting and breathing. That’s pretty much what yoga postures, meditation and breathwork consist of in a nutshell… Yoga is a way of applying the science of life to our life EVERYDAY… and the results are tangible in your body, in the ways you think, and the ways where you feel more connected to an intangible Spirit.

It’s all around you! And that’s the moment you feel like you’re swimming in a vast ocean of ancient knowledge and practice.


3 Tips for Your BEST Massage Experience


AbmpTouchYou chose a great therapist for your needs… She has keen listening skills, a variety of massage techniques, and is available at your favorite time each week. What more could you gain from your massage time? Apply these 3 quick and easy tips to ensure lasting results from your table time each week.

1. Hydrate! Most folks are a tad bit dehydrated on a daily basis. The massage process further encourages the exchange of body fluids from all the kneading and pressing on soft muscle tissue. Your muscle is like a sponge, and requires a fresh rinse to stay healthy, supple and pain free. Get the most bang for your buck post-massage by hydrating before your session. I recommend a solid 2 liters of fresh water before you hop onto the treatment table.

2. Breathe! This may seem a silly reminder, but breathing deeply and slowly throughout your treatment helps to maintain oxygen levels that encourage muscles to release tension. Our nervous system alerts the muscle tissue, and the muscle fibers respond, elongate and relax through tight areas. Our muscles shift from tense to supple states over the course of therapy. Consistent, smooth breathing helps to support these changes.

3. Soak! Nothing beats a warm water treatment before massage to heat and relax muscles, plus encourage overall mind-body relaxation. Whatever you have access to can work… soak, steam, wet sauna, shower or swim. Warm muscle tissue is ready for deeper therapeutic techniques right away and this can save time in your session. A 20 minute soak beforehand will do the trick and prepare you mentally for the relaxation zone up ahead!