Fabric of Fascia
Release E-Manual

A guide to Self-Treatment of aches and pains using the principles of Fascia Release for soft-tissue.

Eliminate discomfort of vague origins.

Restore motion to tight, unresponsive areas.

Regain energy from deep-set tension in the body and mind.

Perfect for Yoga Teachers, Students, Massage Clients, Athletes, and Seekers of natural Pain relief. 

Also available in both Private and Group Instruction.


Included in the 60+ page Manual…

  • What is Fascia?
  • Key Tips for self-release of Fascia.
  • Therapeutic Positions for Upper Body and Lower Body.
  • How-To instructions with Step-by-Step detail.
  • Color images and helpful graphics.
  • List of Benefits for each Position.

Bonus... 5 Wellness Sequences included in the E-Manual for a variety of common aches and pains.

  • Classic Low Back Pain
  • Neck & Shoulder Stuff
  • Hamstring Love
  • Arm & Hand Attention
  • Go-To Relaxation Positions