It's time to...
Reset your health and get results using time-tested

Get DIY health care habits that dial in your long game and eradicate inflammation within Thrive Mode.
The Thrive Mode Program allows you to self-pace and move forward the power of knowledge and the support of a dynamic group.

Apply 10 Habits in 10 Weeks that effectively recalibrate your metabolism, immunity, sleep cycle, digestion and old nagging issues that create dis-ease in your body.

Thrive Mode is a 10 Week hybrid coaching program at the intersection of modern, scientific findings and ancient Ayurvedic wisdom. It incorporates the Circadian rhythm and Horary body clock into our understanding of metabolic cycles in your daily health.

A dose of discipline allows you to engrain these habits into your daily schedule and gear you into feeling better than ever.


Are you ready for a Body Reset?

Improve digestion and elimination
Deal with inflammation naturally
Lessen bloat and puffiness
Lighten up your daily energy
Deepen your sleep nightly
Support underlying health concerns
Dial in your schedule with mastery
Reduce aches, pains and worries
Automate natural, effective patterns
Take control of your health destiny

Step into Circadian rhythm and thrive with ease. Daily.

I can show you HOW

My Yoga Health Coaching kindles a steady, slow burn of personal change that leads to increased vitality and major health turnarounds.

I guide you through Circadian Rhythm lifestyle habits that reset your metabolic operating systems and propel you forward into regenerative health.

Just one taste of deep health will focus your future self into view…
Your health become a vision, and then reality.

I blend ancient wisdom from Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine with modern health research and inform an investigative personal approach to solving your aches, pains and worries.

Let's find out...

Where could you be 3 months from now? Or a year from now?

Here’s the roadmap to your Body Goals and pathway to RESET…

Quarter 1

Learn the habits.

Absorb slowly.

Step on-board with our evolving group work in Q1.

Get into the rhythm of new habits, eye-opening group talks in coaching, and practical talk about tips as you fast track your health towards your new thrive mode.

This ah-ha period is thought-provoking, supportive and inspiring.

Quarter 2

Work the habits.

Effort + Ease.

By next quarter Q2, you’ll notice feeling better, looking better. You’ll know your keystone habit and what sparks your supportive or sabotaging behavior. And notice on a deeper level where you are in/out of integrity with your daily habits. You’ll gain higher level thoughts.

Body, emotions, and thinking will reflect your better habits.

Quarter 3

Live the habits.

Easeful acceleration.

By Q3, you’ll be aware of how your life has improved with better habits.

Your new schedule and routines will feel more natural, automatic and welcome.

Your digestion will ramp up, sleep deepens, weight shifts more towards optimal, emotions will settle into a positive track, and even your thinking will orient towards inspired!

Quarter 4

Be the habits.


In Q4 you will feel more aligned to a life of purpose, fullness and brighter opportunities. As your body and mind become more revitalized, settled and resilient from better habits, your view of what’s possible shifts. During Q4 you tap into what the yogis call dharma, and that’s your unique life purpose and potential. Small, atomic habits have left their mark on your approach… and it’s just the beginning in many ways!


Thrive Mode Program

Schedule Overview

Week 1

Orientation and On-boarding Documents, Calendar, Organization Review learning materials, order books and/or print resources

Week 2

Begin Habit 1 education with Sunday email reminders and weekly group calls

Week 3-10

Continue Habit education and implementation

Week 5

Schedule your 1:1 Laser Coaching Call

Week 6

Schedule for journal update, progress feedback and relationship check-in

Week 11

Wrap Up Call and Reflect on your journey to date

Week 12

Rest and Reset week

How to shift gears into YOUR thrive mode...

There’s a natural rhythm of night and day, activity and rest, seasons and phases that is the backdrop to life.

This Circadian Rhythm functions like an operating system on your device. It affects and oversees the programming of our lifestyle and routines.

Studies show higher levels of metabolic functioning in the human physiology and gene expression when our schedule is in harmony with these natural cycles.

Revamping your daily schedule to your body clock is a game changer and informs meal spacing, sleep cycles, exercise windows and more. On a cellular level, your metabolism, immune response, elimination times and more become calibrated to a higher level of function when in sync.

Frequently Asked Questions

We use my Online Studio with the Hey Marvelous platform to access the course videos, lessons and books. Once you register and purchase the program, you’ll see the course listed in your My Dashboard, which connects you to the curriculum, events and Thrivers Forum with one login.

The community space called Thrivers Forum allows for conversations to be both private and ongoing, so we can hear about each other’s progress, insights, challenges and more in one central place on the platform.

Yes. You have access to the whole program upon enrolling. As soon as you sign up, you’ll get access to orientation materials that will help you organize to begin. Take time to click through and get familiar with the platform, and how to access the weekly lessons and calendar events.

Yes. The course is set up so that it works no matter where you live or travel. You get reminder emails about the Habit of the Week every Sunday morning 1030am MT. You can work through the chapter, videos and exercises at your own pace. Live weekly Zoom Calls will be recorded, in case the times don’t work for your timezone or schedule. The recorded calls will be posted in the Lessons section of the course.

Course tuition is not refundable once a member is given access to a course. Refund for fees paid on a course will be given if cancellation is requested – BEFORE course access is given. Deposits on the course are not refundable. If you have serious extenuating circumstances, email [email protected] and we’ll discuss options.

Yes, absolutely. Once course content is unlocked, you have access to those recordings.

This program is designed to offer some flexibility and various points of access. Some members prefer to read the chapter weekly, some prefer to watch the video or listen to the audio. You don’t have to do it all! Basically, we know that everyone’s lives are in different spaces and that each day can vary. 


I recommend setting aside about 30 min per day for your daily practices and about 2 hours per week for your course work. However, we know some days may not allow for a practice of that length, and the most important thing is that you carve out some time every day for reading, listening, journaling, movement or sitting in silence.

Your Investment Options

3 Month Intro Path

One Pay
$1,350 3 Month Program
  • 3-4 month Custom Pay Plan available

Annual Journey

One Pay
$2,850 Annual
  • Sweet Savings! Best deal

Annual Journey Pay Plan

Initial Deposit + Monthly Pay
$850 + $354 6 month Pay Plan

Annual Journey Pay Plan

Initial Deposit + Monthly Pay
$670 + $290 8 month Pay Plan
  • -

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