Yoga Testimonials

Thank you!! My hamstrings are burning, from the last 2 weeks. Now, I’m feeling a spring in my step and able to work around the farm… from my left hip and lower back on down to my ankle. Your Instagram posts help me so much!, Organic Farm Owner and Instagram Follower

I don’t know if you get tired of hearing this, but believe me it is 100% sincere. You have been such a blessing. I have such a complicated relationship with my body, and for so long I’ve been hesitant to do yoga. The few times I tried it, it was so hard and I gave up. You have opened up a whole new world that I didn’t know existed. Your style of teaching is so welcoming and informative. I realize I can do healthy things for my body while working up to do the things that are more challenging.

Paula B., Therapist and Nurse

Thank you so much for all your love, attentiveness to the students and great enthusiasm. It has been such a blessing to have you assisting the Immersion!

Amy Ippoliti, Certified Yoga Teacher, Educator and Public Figure

I feel as though I just had a full-body massage! I have the sense of an all-over flush of prana throughout my systems. I really loved the information about fascia and it’s role in my asana practice. Thank you!

B. Wade, Sound Healer and Yoga Teacher, Salida, CO

Thank you for all your good work, priorities and realistic outlook.

A.S., V.P. and Artistic Advisor AMFS

I’m so excited to bring this information about yoga asana and fascia to my middle-aged students… I often feel that gentle asana is not enough to address the scope of their issues. This wisdom will engender the empowerment to fix their issues and escort themselves out of pain. I’m so inspired! This training was wonderful!

R. Stillwell, Yoga Teacher, St. Petersburg, FL

I should not have survived the 6 months of torture dealt to me. I’m literally held together with scar tissue in my body that I received as a POW in Afghanistan. And, I have refused surgeries to correct some of my issues, turning to yoga instead. THANK YOU for sharing this powerful information about Fascia Release for Yogis. I now have more transformational tools for continued self-healing and understanding. Namaste.

Fascia Release Yoga Student, YOTM Festival, Snowmass, CO

Your breadth of knowledge is greatly inspiring to me as a new yoga teacher. I look forward to learning more from you so I can offer myself as a yoga therapist within my community. I’m so very grateful for the time you took to share your wisdom and advice. This will most definitely act as a reference for me as I continue along my path. I hope to connect with you again in the future.

Ashleigh P., Student and RYT-200 Yoga Teacher

I just love your Continuing Education Programs. They really do take me deeper into my practice. The thing I truly want more of in my life is passion… for my family, my work and my yoga… for all the things I do! Your classes are helping with this! Bless you for being such an amazing being… a marvelous gift to the world… that’s YOU!

P. Evans, Yoga Student

Thank you for a beautiful workshop along with the grace of your presence and the wisdom of your teachings. The fascia stretches we learned were fabulous, but mostly it was the grace, strength and professional quality you possess as a yoga teacher that made such an impact on me. I’m inspired as a teacher and presenter to transmit the love and firm staff of the teacher through your example. Thank you!

Kristine W., Yoga Student and RYT-500 Teacher

Just wanted you to know that my back feels SO much better after our private session together! I never realized how much detail and hard work is behind each one of the yoga postures. Normally, I would have to take a Teacher Training to get the information you share in private sessions. Thank you so much!

Alexa M., Attorney

I’m doing some of these stretches for the sacral area that you shared with me, and want to offer my gratitude from my heart and body. I love the block behind my sacrum for sitting and love the side body and forward sacrum stretches. It’s juicy down there, whew! Lots of unwinding of old tension. Thank you!

Kersten G., Professional Yoga Therapist

I have been wanting to enroll in a yoga teacher training for many years… You do a great job setting the foundation for healthy movements, so I really trust your teachings… Thanks again!

J. Dowling, Yoga Student and Teacher Trainee

I have been doing yoga for 30 years with some great instructors and Ally ranks among one of the best. She has a wonderful demeanor that encourages growth in your yoga poses as well as in your personal life. She isn’t afraid to offer hands-on adjustments and ensures your poses are correct.  She is a great addition to our Corporate Employee Wellness Program.

M. Wiener, Energy Efficiency Program Administrator, Holy Cross Energy

I’ve come across very few instructors capable of offering the kind of holistic instruction you do every time I’m in your class. I’m endlessly inspired by your ability to clearly incorporate your extensive knowledge of anatomy and yoga philosophy into your invigorating asana instruction. I hope to be an teacher one day and can think of nobody who’s teaching I would rather model my own after. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

Erik W., Artist and Yogi, Carbondale, CO

Thank you for showing me how to open up my biceps muscles and the front of my chest… I feel renewed! I’ve always struggled about how to address those areas. Now I’m empowered by knowing that I can fix issues with my arms and shoulders at any time, by myself, with the information you taught today!

Fascia Release Student, YOTM Festival, Snowmass, CO

You have so much to offer in the blending of the physical and the spiritual.  I can’t get enough of it. Love you!

P. Carruth, Realtor and Yoga Student, Aspen

Beautiful class this morning, thank you! I love what you are up to with your new online offerings.

George C. Anatomy Instructor and Yoga Teacher

The best compliment that I’ve ever received as a teacher was “I feel good about myself in mind, body and spirit after your class!” And…. that’s exactly what I get from you and your teachings as well. Your’e a gifted teacher!

Yoga Teacher, NY

Thank you for being such an important part of our co-op at Holy Cross Energy. Thank you for keeping us healthy and strong!

Josh, Info Tech Manager, Glenwood Springs, CO

Yoga sessions are perfect preparation for a great day of heli-skiing. I came with a pain under my right shoulder blade that bugged me for a month prior. It was gone after the first yoga class! The variety of routines Ally offered made each morning special. I focused on my personal areas that benefited from softening and opening.

D. Coleman, Professional Ski Instructor for 30 years, Jackson Hole, WY and CO

I just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed attending your yoga class. I’m able to follow your instruction and you have a warm and welcoming voice.  Thank You so much… it will be my goal next year to attend each week.

B. Downing, Consumer Service Supervisor, Glenwood Springs, CO

I have to tell you that I enjoy your classes… you are good at encouraging me to go outside my comfort zone and offer great input on how to improve the poses. And you are such a pleasure to work with as well!

C. Overton, Human Resources Director, Glenwood Springs, CO

She was WONDERFUL! I think Ally is an exceptionally warm and skilled yoga instructor. I really appreciated her heart-open welcoming of me and watching the way she worked with her familiar students.

Cathy, New Yoga Student, Breckenridge, CO

You are a wonderful teacher and your explanations and demos are so understandable. I feel very blessed to have you as a teacher.

Mary D., Yoga Student, Basalt, CO

Thank you Ally for helping us be better people and more healthy through the practices of yoga. I really appreciate you coming and taking your time to teach us each week.

Craig T., Info Tech Specialist, Glenwood Springs, CO

Your knowledge of the Anusara Principles, philosophy and anatomy has been a blessing, as well as your beautiful smile. Just the joy of attending your classes is a blessing.

Christi, Yoga Student, Breckenridge, CO

Your yoga teaching is both poetic and practical.

Lula C., Thai Massage Therapist, Ecuador

Thank you so much for coming into our lives. You help to keep my life in balance. Namaste…

Ken R., Manager, Carbondale, CO

Thank you for your friendly and informative yoga teachings.

Thai Massage Student, Aspen