In all my years of seeking massage therapists, I’ve never heard anyone speak about the body in the way that you do… You have a clear understanding of the physics of structure, and a deep way of understanding the interconnectedness of it all. I don’t have anyone that I trust as much as you to lend out opinion or treat my issues and injuries.

Jack N., Business Owner & Woodworker

I could feel through your work that you are trying to accomplish an unwinding of the fascial systems through your various techniques. I don’t currently have major issues, but you really picked up on chronic areas that have bothered me in the past and made progress for me. I felt that I got specific-to-me bodywork along with the relaxing elements of a traditional massage. Thank you for a great experience!

Jill C., Chiropractor and Cross-Fit Instructor

Ally is by far the most intuitive therapist I have ever worked with. She has so much experience that she will find where you are sore and not only treat the immediate pain, but also treat the source of the pain, so that you continue to feel better even days and even weeks later.

Being an athlete it is so important to have your body in the best condition possible. Being aligned and having muscles that are loose and working together is possibly one of the most important things that we can do to prevent injury and boost performance. Ally has helped keep my body in tip top condition over the years and I will continue to come back to her because she is one of the best in the business!

Elena Hight, Professional Athlete, member US Snowboard Team and Olympic Team

I am so much better! The sharp pain has vanished, and the dorsiflexion in my big toe, well it exists where there was NONE before treatment. This is nothing less than miraculous, Ally! I’ll keep up my mobilizing work but already can’t wait to see what happens in our next appointment! I don’t know how to thank you!

Cathy D., MyoFascial Release Client and Yoga Student

Ally, thank you for your Ashiatsu Massage work! As active and aging adult with demanding work postures, my body was a mess, including back pain and painful limitations of movement. Thanks to your Ashiatsu Massage work, I am now pain free! More than the pain relief, I now appreciate and understand the freedom of increased range of motion and the importance of maintaining muscle balance in my hips. Keep up the great work!

G. Carr, Dentist, Indiana

I just wanted to say thank you for a great session today. I feel wonderful. Your technique is flawless and your wisdom transcends. Hope I have a chance to see you sometime again in the future. You are truly a connoisseur of massage! Blessings and all the best.

Felipe I., Entrepreneur, Bahamas

My shoulder blades and back feel so much better… After you stretched my spine, I’m about an inch  or 2 taller, I’m sure! You have an awesome reputation and now I know why. In appreciation…

Susan S., retired Teacher, California

I love the Ashiatsu Barefoot Bodywalking Massage… The feet can do what the hands cannot!”

Denise C., Aspen, CO and Hawaii resident

I love what you did to open and release my chest… it relaxed me deeply, making it easier to stand up straighter!

Penney C., Real Estate Broker, Aspen, CO

Massage with the polished Hot Stones was amazing! I feel stronger and more flexible than ever. This is the best I’ve ever felt at my end of ski season. Thank you!

D. Coleman, Professional Ski Instructor, Jackson Hole, WY and CO

Best massage I’ve had in years!  Kim G., Social Worker, Carbondale

Massage therapist extraordinaire!  Jess B., Athlete, Aspen

Thank you for such an amazing treatment. You are an incredibly intuitive and talented practitioner.  Betsy, Yoga Student, Breckenridge, CO

My son was crazy about his massage! You are exceptional. Please put me on your mailing list so I can attend one of your teachings, whatever you decide to share. Namaste!
Pauline, Yoga Teacher, Breckenridge, CO

Thank you so much for the massage today. It was wonderful! You are skilled and generous in what you have to offer.
Nova Sprick, Certified Yoga Teacher and Educator, World Traveler