About Massage

Natural. Effective. Deep. Ancient. Grounding.

As humans, we naturally rub our hurt spots, instinctively stretch a tight muscle and rest when exhausted. This is why massage is widely practiced in the world today, because it enhances our natural, built-in process of self-healing.

It’s simple but true… massage therapy works!

There are unique principles of alignment and muscle release I administer to yield relief in body tension and structure. I have precise knowledge of body mechanics and use proven techniques of body assessment to help quickly identify a physical issue. Working together, and in progressive sessions gets you the best results.

The best massage integrates elements of deep listening, correct technique and human care.  The breath flows easily and time is suspended in relaxation. Let yourself be renewed from the inside out. Massage therapy quietly communicates a strong desire to help and to heal. Why wait? Come and work with me!